Oktoberfest 2015

Oktoberfest 2015 – The Evolution Of Oktoberfest

A lot of things have changed over Oktoberfest’s history – a chronicle that spans the duration of no less than two centuries. Starting with the celebration of a royal wedding and later evolving into an agricultural fair, the present-day festival exists to pay homage to one thing above all else:

Of course, that’s beer.

Oktoberfest 2015

The consumption of many kinds of beers (under many different kinds of tents) and the characteristic frivolity of the patrons has always laid testament to the festival’s ridiculously strong pulling power.

In a city where even McDonalds serves beer, the appeal of a drawn-out drunken escapade cannot be undermined.

Oktoberfest 2015 will be no different in this regard. However, in the past few years there have been some shifts in the status quo that might surprise even the staunchest beer swiller and the hungriest bratwurst consumer.

In 2015 you will experience the contemporary Oktoberfest experience. Regardless of whether you are a seasoned patron or first time traveller, you will encounter some alterations that welcome diversity and a fresh perspective.

Oktoberfest now has a family friendly orientation. A kid friendly beer festival? Yes, you’ve heard me right. Both Tuesday afternoons (12pm til 6pm) are designated family days. There are special discounts on travel and on rides and entertainment. There are shows and parades specifically provided with kids in mind.

Oktoberfest 2015The Augustiner –Festhalle (Big Tent) is well known to be the most family friendly tent of all. Its joyous and jovial spirit appeals to children and adults alike.

There’s also a brand new attraction called “The Tower”. It’s a giant playground that includes a 3D space and volcano adventure.

Oktoberfest is surprising us all in recent years. Previously, you’d be forgiven for typecasting the festival as a somewhat bawdy beast. But, fasten your seatbelts – this perception is well and truly about to be shot dead in the water. The year 2013 saw the introduction of something so acutely alien to Oktoberfest, and that’s vegetarian and vegan food.

Oktoberfest has come to reflect the times and demand of its patrons. Apparently a lot of the tents are serving up vego options with considerable flair. As there are a substantial number of Bavarians that are now vegetarian or vegan it’s a wise move by organisers.

It’s a move away from the greasy, meaty and carbohydrate rich foods that used to provide the only sustenance during the festival’s two-week duration. Whether patrons eat meat or not, it’s certainly provides healthier and less calorific options.

Oktoberfest 2015Indeed, the debauchery of old is giving way to a slightly more civilised soiree. Oktoberfest 2015 can only herald more developments (there’s some speculation gluten free beer might in fact be served).

It’s not all wanton ways and wenches anymore – Oktoberfest is becoming decidedly hipster. More changes that reflect the times: “Gay Sunday” is now celebrated every year.

And, on a more serious note, security cameras and noise curfews have made the festival a safer and more controlled environment. Strict smoking bans with substantial accompanying fines were introduced in 2011. Outside alcohol is banned from being brought inside the tents with bag checks conducted. There is also a safe security checkpoint you can use should you become lost.

At the end of the day, Oktoberfest (for all its ostensibly rampant debauchery) is a relatively orderly and secure affair. Contrary to any backlash that could be expected via the more rambunctious of patrons who expect a wild ride, the festival’s popularity shows nil signs of showing down.

It’s a fact that hotels fill up months and months before the event is scheduled each year. So, if you have been thinking about going to Oktoberfest, then the time to act may well be the present.

Oktoberfest has long presented the ultimate experience for any beer lover. In 2015 you can look forward to a vibrant and diverse cultural experience tempered by recent and ongoing changes. Far from being just booze and bawdiness – Oktoberfest 2015 is a must-do on your travel calendar.

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